World Schnitzel Day

Date Published: Mar 24, 2023

Happy World Schnitzel Day!

Not many people realise how special our schnitzels really are, as they’re all pan cooked and made fresh daily in each Schnitz restaurant.
Firstly, all of our Chicken is sourced from RSPCA-approved farms, here in Australia. Then, through a precisely crafted crumbing technique, we cover the schnitzels in our secret crumb recipe, which is designed to deliver on maximum flavour and crunch. We then cook the schnitzels by using a traditional pan cooking technique. This seals in all the delicious flavour and essentially poaches the chicken in the crumb, rather than frying it. Together with love and fresh oil, every schnitzel is cooked to golden perfection, made to order and carefully hand crafted just for you.
So grab all your friends and come down to your nearest Schnitz today & grab one of your favourites!