Loaded to Perfection: Rediscover Our Loaded Chips Range

Date Published: Mar 4, 2024

Our chips are now EVEN better!

Are you ready to embark on a flavour adventure like no other? Get ready to satisfy your cravings with our irresistible Loaded Chips! Picture this: golden, crispy chips coated in our addictive seasoning, piled high with an array of irresistible toppings, creating a flavour explosion with every bite. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, or it’s your first time diving into this delectable dish, there’s something for everyone on our menu. In need of a refresher? Here are our flavours:

Chick ‘n’ Gravy

Our delicious hot chips, melted cheddar, topped with succulent pieces of chicken schnitzel, generously coated in savoury, kettle-cooked gravy and decorated with a sprinkle of fresh spring onions. It’s where nostalgia meets comfort food!

American Loaded Chips

Immersed in cheddar, classic tomato sauce and American mustard, our tasty chips are topped with crunchy bacon bits and fresh spring onions. Our American Loaded Chips pay tribute to the iconic flavours of the USA!

Nacho Loaded Chips

Our Nacho Loaded Chips are piled high with cheddar, zesty salsa, velvety sour cream, buttery avocado, spicy jalapenos, chili mix and a dash of fresh spring onions. Be prepared to experience a fiesta in your mouth with every bite!

So, are you ready to crank up the flavour and dive into a world of culinary bliss with our Loaded Chips? At the tempting price of $12.90, it’s hard to say no to one of the greatest twists to our iconic chips yet!

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