The Mariachi Schnitaco

Date Published: Mar 24, 2023

Change that afternoon siesta into a fiesta!

Have you been loving our Schnitaco flavours of the world so far? The emperor was the one to rule them all but now we want to tell you about the Schnitaco that will get your taste buds dancing. Our Mariachi Schnitaco is full of premium Chipotle chilli mayonnaise. What makes our chipotle so special and a little bit different? With key ingredients like Chipotle chilli, various spices, and chilli powder it’s sure to spice up your life. The speciality of the sauce is the secret smoke flavour, which adds a little twist and makes our Chipotle unique. Try our new delicious sauce on the Mariachi Schnitaco as it is perfectly paired with a portion of golden chicken schnitzel on a mini tortilla wrap and crispy cos lettuce.

Our sauce is inspired by traditional Mexican chipotle. Chipotle is a type of jalapeno chilli that is dried, it’s the perfect addition that adds a bit of heat to our Schnitacos. What makes our chipotle sauce so amazing check out what one of our social media influencers had to say about how delicious it was.

Schnitzel for the heart

“When you are in another country, without a doubt, one of the things you miss the most is food. I’ve been living in Australia for two months and you don’t know how much I’ve missed Mexican cuisine, those flavours that make you feel at home, those ingredients that you can only get in your country. So this week I decided to visit one of the Schnitz branches to try their famous Schnitaco which are mini wraps with chicken, baby lettuce, and sauces of different flavours, they recently launched 4 new flavours and of course, I had to try the Schnitaco Mariachi that it has a chipotle sauce that gives it the perfect touch of spice, and from the first bite it transported me to my beautiful and beloved Mexico. The best thing is that each one costs only $4 and they are super practical to eat anywhere, I recommend accompanying them with some of their chips.”- Jessie.

So Try the Mariachi Schnitaco today they are the perfect Schnack for on-the-go or simply add it to your meal when you’re in the mood for a little bit extra. The Mariachi is something you won’t want to miss out on so grab a family member or friend and Vamos a la Schnitz!

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