The Gangnam Schnitaco

Date Published: Mar 24, 2023

A Schnitaco for the Seoul

Our Schnitaco limited-time offer ends on the 28th of November, have you checked out all of our amazing flavours of the world? We have taken you to Mexico with our Mariachi and to China with our emperor but we want to take you to Korea now.

Our Gangnam Schnitaco is a perfectly pan-cooked chicken schnitzel in an extra mini wrap, with crispy baby cos lettuce and topped with our delicious Korean-style chilli sauce. Our chilli sauce is the perfect balance of tangy and sweet and is sure to give you that extra bit of spice to spice up your night. Key ingredients such as soy seasoning, red pepper paste and sesame oil give you that Korean-style of sauce you have to try. Plus, that sweet aftertaste will only leave you wanting more.

Grab one of our Gangnam Schnitacos as a midday snack they are perfect to fill that mid-day hunger needs. So rush in quick grab a Schnitaco before they are gone!