Versatile Restaurant Designs: Creating the Ideal Schnitz Experience

Date Published: Jun 3, 2024

At Schnitz, our restaurant formats are designed with versatility in mind, ensuring we can accommodate a variety of spaces and meet the unique needs of our franchise partners. Whether situated on a bustling high street or within a vibrant shopping precinct, our Property Team is dedicated to identifying prime locations that prioritise accessibility and convenience for our guests.

Adaptable Restaurant Models: Our restaurant floor plans are flexible, ranging from compact counter-front setups to expansive dining spaces, tailored to fit the specific location and market demands. This adaptability allows us to find the right site that aligns with our franchise partners’ budgets, abilities, and business objectives.

  • Counter Front: Ideal for smaller spaces, up to 90sqm.
  • Small Format Restaurant: Suitable for medium-sized locations, ranging from 90-150sqm.
  • Large Format Restaurant: Perfect for larger venues, over 150sqm.

Each restaurant, regardless of size, is thoughtfully designed to provide a warm and inviting space for our guests, complemented by a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen that ensures the delivery of the full Schnitz experience.

State-of-the-Art Kitchens: Our kitchens are meticulously equipped with essential appliances, including grill burners, fryers, cool rooms, and ample bench space. This setup ensures the preparation of fresh, delicious meals with a focus on safety and efficiency, enabling our team to serve guests swiftly and effectively.

Inviting Atmosphere: Every Schnitz restaurant exudes an authentic and homely atmosphere. Our design features a harmonious blend of natural woods, stones, and a soothing colour palette, creating a welcoming and cosy environment. Unique wall graphics and brand messaging infuse each space with our distinctive character and charisma, ensuring a memorable dining experience for every guest.

Our commitment to versatile store formats not only enhances the dining experience but also supports our franchise partners in finding the perfect location to achieve their business goals. This flexibility and attention to detail are key to our successful expansion and the satisfaction of both our guests and franchise owners.

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