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We Now Come In Pieces!

We are thrilled to announce that our famous schnitzels now come in pieces! ​Say hello to our new delicious chicken Schnuggets.

Just like our hand crafted schnitzels, we don’t fake it. Our Schnuggets are made with 100% RSPCA Approved tender chicken breast which you can actually see and tastes amazing. Combined with a crunchy panko crumb & dusted in our mouth-watering signature seasoning ensures an unbeatable taste experience that will leave you wanting more.
They truly are real and spectacular! And no we’re not just saying this, they really are.
​For only $7.50 they come in a pack of 6. They are the perfect snack to grab on the go or add as an addition to any of our other delicious products to create the perfect family or friend meal to share. Take your Schnugget experience to the next level by trying them with any or all of our delicious dips.
Head into your closest Schnitz to experience the one Schnugget to rule them all. Get in quick, as they’re only available for a limited time!



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