Earn crumbs to spend.

Welcome to the Schnitz Crumb Collective Program, where you can earn crumbs to access rewards and redeem amazing offers, all just through eating your favourite Schnitz. For each dollar you spend through the Crumb Collective Program, you will earn crumbs to put towards more Schnitz. The more Schnitz you eat, the more crumbs you collect, the more rewards you redeem.

Get rewarded.

Earn a FREE Plain & Simple upon registration PLUS members receive a FREE birthday offer every year on their Birthday. You’ll also have access to member only benefits, deals and information about Schnitz promotions and offers.

How can I join?

Download the Schnitz App from the iTunes App Store or get it from Google Play on your smartphone or device and register. Once you’ve downloaded the App, simply follow the prompts to setup your account. You’ll be required to provide personal information in order to create your account such as an email address, mobile number and your birthday.

Don’t want to download the app? Grab a physical card and join via the website.

A copy of the Crumb Collective Terms & Conditions is available through the loyalty app or on our website

What is the difference between a physical card vs the app?

Both a physical card and the loyalty app collect crumbs, however the app has a lot more functionality than the card ie. free coupon offers, entry to exclusive events, etc.

Do I need to register to claim my crumbs?

Yes you cannot redeem if you aren’t registered. If you don’t register you will not receive any benefits offered under The Crumb Collective rewards program including a FREE Plain & Simple upon registration or FREE birthday offer. If you do not register on-line you can still accumulate crumbs and redeem.

How do I redeem my FREE sign-up offer (Plain & Simple)?

You will receive a notification in the App under offers that you have a FREE Plain & Simple waiting for you to redeem. This offer is valid for 3 weeks from date of sign-up. Present this coupon to our Team Members to scan when redeeming your offer. This offer is only available to be redeemed once.

When do I receive my FREE birthday offer and how do I redeem it?

Your birthday offer will appear in your offer screen 7 days prior to your birthday, and will be be valid for redemption 14 days after your birthday. The offer is valid for 3 weeks and only available to be redeemed once.

Where can I find my Crumb balance?

Your crumbs balance is shown on the card screen of the App or online when you log into your account. 

How do I accumulate crumbs?

Every purchase of a menu item will accumulate credits, known as crumbs. Your balance is shown on the card screen of the App or online when you log into your account. It’s as simple as $1 = 10 crumbs. Collect min 1,250 crumbs to start your rewards journey.

How many crumbs can I claim at once?

You can redeem as many Crumbs as you like based on the requirements of the rewards you are eligible for. For example: If you have 10000 points and free chips are 2500 points you can get four free chips.

When will my crumbs update after a transaction?

Crumbs will appear anywhere from instantly to 12 hours after your transaction. If your crumbs haven’t
updated automatically, drag the screen to refresh. Still not working? Email the Schnitz team at
feedback@schnitz.com.au and we will fix it for you.

I forgot to scan my App at the start of the transaction. Can I still accumulate crumbs?

If you have the receipt from your order you can claim the missing Crumbs.

What can I redeem?

Crumbs can be redeemed against the following items: 

1,250 – Schnitz Stick

2,000 – Regular Original Chips

5,000 – Plain & Simple Wrap/Roll

(More offers will be available soon.) 

How do I receive my rewards?

When you visit us you just need to scan your membership barcode and our team will use your points for your chosen reward.

Do my crumbs expire?

Crumbs won’t expire on an active account, but if an account has been inactive for 3 years, it will be removed, and the crumbs will be lost. 

Can I update my details via the App?

Yes. Go to the “My Account” section and follow the prompts to update your details where necessary.

I have deleted the App. Have my details been lost?

Download and reinstall the App again and sign in to view your details. Any information is saved against your account details.

Can I remove myself from marketing emails?

Yes you can. However by doing so you won’t be notified of any free rewards benefits or upcoming promotions. If you wish to be removed from marketing communication, login to your account online or via the app and turn off email notifications, located under More – Update Profile and then untick Send Promotional Material.

I don’t see any offers in the App.

If you don’t see any coupons there are no offers available. Check back regularly, or alternatively ensure notifications is turned on.

How do I cancel my Crumb Collective membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership please get in touch with us.

I’ve registered online but forgotten my password.

If you’ve forgotten your password please select Forgot Password on the login screen. 

Can crumbs be transferred between different accounts?

No. Crumbs cannot be transferred or shared with other members.

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