We are RSPCA Approved

Date Published: Sep 21, 2023

The Journey to better Welfare for Farm Animals: Our Pledge to Source RSPCA Approved 

At Schnitz, we recognise the pressing need for change in animal welfare. Farm animals, integral to our ecosystem and food supply, deserve lives that are more than just basic existence. They deserve compassion, care, and environments that allow them to thrive. 
Our commitment to improved animal welfare is not just a mission; it’s a deeply-rooted principle. This is why we proudly source from farms that have RSPCA Approved certification. These farms adhere to the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards that exceed Australia’s legal requirements, focusing on providing a better quality of life for farm animals. 
These higher-welfare standards are not arbitrary. They are designed based on the best available scientific research and evidence, ensuring that animals receive care in alignment with their physiological and psychological needs. By sourcing from these farms, we aim to set a precedent, showing our consumers that quality food can coexist with better welfare practices. 
Through our support of these farms, we are taking proactive steps towards shaping a more compassionate future for farming. We believe that by making conscious choices today, we can bring about a ripple effect, potentially altering the future landscape of farming in Australia. 
We invite our community to join us in this journey. Understand the story behind your food. Every meal has a narrative, and when you choose Schnitz, you’re actively supporting a tale of care, commitment, and a brighter future for our Aussie farm animals.