Crumbs to Schnitz Cash Has Landed!

Date Published: Mar 24, 2023

Calling all Schnitz lovers. Want to score free food?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve refreshed our loyalty program so you can now convert your earned crumbs to Schnitz cash. You may be thinking what does Schnitz cash do? Schnitz cash can be used against any of your menu item purchases as a cash value to help reduce your payment total.
We know it’s exciting but how do you earn Schnitz cash? You can earn Schnitz cash through our loyalty rewards program. The more Schnitz you eat, means the more crumbs you collect,  the more Schnitz cash you can earn and the more Schnitz cash you can redeem from your order. Plus as a bonus when you sign up for the crumb collective program you earn 250 points. All you have to do is grow your crumbs to 1000 then your points with automatically turn into Schnitz cash. You can check the balance on the card page in your Schnitz app. So make sure you always scan your barcode to keep those crumbs coming!

Haven’t joined yet?

The crumb collective is simple to join just download the Schnitz app, fill in the details and begin earning your crumbs. You can also join the crumb collective by grabbing a card in-store when your next visit and entering the membership number through the app. Make sure to sign up to earn crumbs, access rewards and redeem amazing offers all just by eating your favourite Schnitz. To start your journey you’ll also get 250 free crumbs to sign up. This is just the beginning so make sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on all our new amazing deals.