Commitment to Quality: Fresh, Delicious & Diverse Menu

Date Published: Jun 3, 2024

At Schnitz, our pan-cooked, golden-brown schnitzel is the star of our specialised menu. Guests can enjoy a traditional schnitzel served with fresh salads and our famous beer-battered chips or savour it in a wrap or roll. While schnitzel remains at the core, our menu also boasts a variety of protein and veggie options, ensuring that every taste preference is not just accommodated but welcomed.

We are committed to using only the highest quality produce, with a firm belief in ‘fresh is best.’ All our meals are prepared and cooked to order, with our schnitzels crumbed and pan-cooked to perfection. This dedication to traditional cooking methods and fresh ingredients forms the cornerstone of our exceptional menu offerings.

Continuous menu innovation is a key aspect of our business, ensuring that we stay relevant with our guests and drive sales. At Schnitz, the best innovation meets unmet needs or drives business by increasing market share. Menu innovation is strategically designed to increase customer engagement and align with our brand’s overall identity. By following both local and international trends, we ensure our offerings remain fresh and relevant. From curated menu selections to limited time offers (LTO’s), we continuously seek new ways to captivate ever-changing consumer preferences through a diverse and vibrant menu.

Our state-of-the-art kitchens are meticulously equipped with essential appliances, including grill burners, fryers, cool rooms, and ample bench space, ensuring the preparation of fresh, delicious meals. This setup emphasizes safety and efficiency, enabling our team to serve guests swiftly and effectively.

To accommodate busy schedules and varied cravings, our restaurants operate 7 days a week, from 10 am to 10 pm (subject to trading restrictions). At Schnitz, we strive to create an exceptional dining experience that combines convenience, quality, and a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring our valued customers return time and time again.

If you share our commitment to excellence and are passionate about delivering outstanding guest experiences, join us as a franchise partner. Enquire now to discover the exciting opportunities available.