The Crumb Collective FAQs

What is Crumbs to Cash?

The crumbs to cash conversion is an extension of our Crumb Collective Program. Through the Schnitz app and in-store, you can convert your crumb points into Schnitz cash that can be used to subtract dollars from your order.

How do I earn Crumbs? 

When you scan your loyalty barcode or order through our Crumb Collective Program, you earn crumbs with every dollar spent. These crumbs are then used to put towards more Schnitz, access rewards and redeem amazing offers. So, the more Schnitz you eat, the more crumbs you collect and the more rewards you redeem!

How can I Join?

Download the Schnitz App from the iTunes App Store or get it from Google Play on your smartphone or device and register. Once you’ve downloaded the App, Simply follow the prompts to set up your account. You’ll be required to provide personal information to create your accounts such as an email address, mobile number and birthday. Alternatively to downloading an app you can grab a physical card at any store and join via the website.

Do I get any benefits for signing up to the Crumb collective? 

When signing up for the loyalty Crumb Collective program you will receive either free crumbs or a free product, based on the current campaign.

Do I need to register to claim my Schnitz Cash?

Yes, you cannot redeem if you aren’t registered. If you don’t register you will not receive any benefits offered under The Crumb Collective rewards program including any Crumbs to Cash offers.

Where can I find my Schnitz Cash Balance?

Your crumbs balance is shown on the card screen of the App or online when you log into your account.

Is there a limit to how much Schnitz Cash I can use? 

There is no limit to how much Schnitz cash can be used in a transaction however to redeem your Schnitz cash you must have reached the minimum number of 1000 crumbs, which will automatically turn to Schnitz cash when you reach that amount.

Can I spend some of my Schnitz cash now and some later?

If you’re transacting in-store, a team member can allocate any amount of Schnitz Cash to a transaction. For example, you have $10 Schnitz Cash and you wish to only put $5 against the transaction today and $5 later on, just ask the staff member to only use $5 instead of all $10.

If you’re transacting online, the system only currently supports the spending all accumulated Schnitz Cash. For example, you have ordered a Plain & Simple and wish to use your $6 Schnitz Cash to discount the transaction. You must use all $6 to discount, you cannot use say $3 today and $3 next time. If your order subtotal is less than the amount of Schnitz Cash you currently have; Order Total = $10 and Schnitz Cash Balance is $15, if you wish to use Schnitz Cash, you must discount the order by the full $10 resulting in a $5 Schnitz Cash balance.

How do I transfer my crumbs to Schnitz cash? 

Your crumbs will automatically transfer across to Schnitz cash once you reach the minimum number of crumbs required which is 1000 crumbs.

How many Crumbs do I need to redeem Schnitz cash? 

For every 166.7 crumbs that you have this will make up $1.00 of Schnitz Cash. However, you need to have a minimum of 1000 crumbs before you can use the crumbs to cash feature on your crumb collective membership.

I have over 167.7 crumbs why will it not let me convert them to Schnitz cash? 

To use the crumbs to cash feature you must have a minimum of 1000 points on your Crumb Collective loyalty membership before you can convert any to Schnitz cash.

When will my crumbs update after a transaction?

Crumbs will appear anywhere from instantly to 12 hours after the transaction. If your crumbs haven’t updated automatically drag the screen to refresh. Still not working? Please submit a ‘Crumb Collective’ enquiry via our contact page.

I forgot to scan my App at the start of the transaction. Can I still accumulate crumbs?

If you have the receipt from your order you can claim the missing Crumbs. Please submit a ‘Crumb Collective’ enquiry via our contact page with a copy of the receipt.

Does my Schnitz Cash expire? 

Schnitz cash expires after 2 years from the initial conversion.

 I have deleted the App. Has my Schnitz cash been lost? 

Download the reinstall the App again and sign in to view your details. Any information is saved against your account details.

How do I cancel my Crumb Collective Membership? 

If you wish to cancel your membership please get in touch with us.

I’ve registered online but forgotten my password. 

If you’ve forgotten your password please select Forgot Password on the login screen.

Can Schnitz Cash be transferred between different accounts? 

No. Crumbs or Schnitz cash cannot be transferred or shared with other members.