Food is love, comfort, connection and crumbs.

We all know the smell of home cooking. The recipe might be different for each of us, but
the feeling of experiencing something that’s been made with love and care never leaves us,
and brings us back to the table time and time again.

Our mission is to extract that feeling via the crumbed goodness of
a lovingly prepared Schnitzel.

That Schnitzel was the one served to Roman as a boy, the one he served his sons at his first
restaurant. It’s also the very same one we give that keeps our Schnitz guests coming back.

Schnitz’s humble success could be summed up in three words “We effing care”.

About our guests, about what we bring to the table, but most importantly we care about
each other. We have each others backs so we can all collect and receive high-fives in the
wins, and huddle in the challenges.

The travesty of chip shop bain marie and lazy pub parma have given Aussies a very poor
sense of what schnitzel can be – we are on a mission to correct that. Our schnitzel are all
about hand preparation, and being pan cooked to order to our exacting standard.

What's important to us

Cooking someone a schnitzel is personal and it comes from the heart. We do not operate
on a production line – we’re cooking and serving one customer at a time. We cook for our
customers as we would guests in our home.

We do things the right way – not the easy way.

Our focus on the crumbs goes beyond cooking and reflects the way we operate in all areas
of our business. When we sweat the small stuff and do things the right way – we create
something that is meaningful and worthwhile.

The bigger we get the smaller we need to behave. As we continue to grow, it is very
important that we don’t forget that at our heart, we’re community first and business
second and we care deeply about the people we work with, the food we serve and our
guest experience.

We exist to share the joy of traditional schnitzel with the world
– one loving crumb at a time.

Our Obsession
Our obsession is channeled into four ingredients.

Our family.

We work together as one big family – that means looking out for one another and
always being open and honest, even if we don’t agree on things like sock colours.

Our Food.

Our food is our connection to the customer – so we care deeply about it.
If we respect the food, the customer will notice. #foodieblessed

Our Process.

There is only one way to cook a traditional schnitzel – hand crumbed,
pan cooked, golden brown. This is not negotiable.

Our Restaurants.

We want to create an intimate feeling – and let people
see us not as a brand but as a family business.

Just like grandma used to make.

Our Values
Together, we live by these values.


We’ve been cooking traditional schnitzel for the last 40 years and
we’re just getting started on what’s possible! The art of the crumb is what
gets us all out of bed in the morning – so we don’t stray from that.


We’re one big family and we work together with respect for one another.
Like crumbs in a schnitzel – it’s never just one – it’s about the power of the
collective banding together to create golden moments of awesomeness.


Whether we’re cooking for our family or for our guests,
it’s personal – so we never cut corners.

Bringing it all together.

We want to give our guests a great food experience – not just the perfect schnitzel.
We want them to know that from the moment they walk in, their Schnitz experience is
being handled by someone who gives a damn. Right from how we take their order to
plating their food, we want to give them the confidence that they’ve made the right choice.

Our recipe for success

We’re a family

We work together, we treat each other with love and respect and we
communicate openly, always prepared to have the hard conversations.

Driven by a big ambition

We want to bring the joy of traditional schnitzel to the world. We’ve captured many
tastebuds and through everything we do and say next, we’re going back for their hearts.

Obsessed with the small details

As we grow, we must remember that we’re still a restaurant for families of all
shapes and sizes. And what makes any family dining experience special is the
attention to detail and the love that goes into the little things.

What we offer?

HR Support

You’re opening your new store – it’s exciting and can be a little daunting.
Don’t worry, we’ve got a great HR team that will help you recruit the right
staff and provide ongoing support when you need it.

Training Support

We pride ourselves on our consistency, and the love we put into making
the perfect schnitzel. We give you access to our Franchisee training program,
where you’ll learn the business inside out. We’ll be there to support you during the
first few weeks of your restaurant opening, and we’ll introduce you to your business
coach who’ll be there every step of the way.

Op’s Support

We have a kick-ass ops team! They are there to help you with all things restaurant
operations. From rostering to POS systems to quality control. We’ve got you covered.

Restaurant Design

You’ll meet our talented restaurant design team, who will take you
through the ins and outs of your restaurant making sure it looks perfect.

Research and Development

We’re always testing new products and services, and we love collaboration with
our network. There are always opportunities to volunteer to test our new and exciting
products as well as be a part of our Franchisee advisory council to have your say.

Marketing Support

We work hard to make sure we tell everyone about the joy of traditional schnitzel. We offer
extensive marketing support both nationally and locally. We encourage community
outreach and sponsorships to make sure we’re making a positive impact in your local area.

Let's do this!

1. Register your interest by completing the online enquiry form.

2. We will review your application and contact you by phone for a chat.

3. Shhhhhh – we’ll need a confidentiality form signed at this point.

4. We use a few profiling tools to help us – you’ll have to fill them out for us.

5. Let’s meet – this is our first opportunity to meet in person and get to know each other better.

6. Is this for you? This is your opportunity to contact current franchise partners to discuss what owning a Schnitz restaurant is like.

7. We won’t just take your word for it. We’ll need to do some reference checks at this point.

8. Let’s meet again, you’ve probably got some more detailed questions for our recruitment manager.

9. Let’s meet with our Operations & Training teams.

10. It’s time to get your hands dirty with a restaurant experience.

11. You’ll need a business plan prepared.

12. Let’s meet our senior team.

13. Once you receive the legal documentation you will need a few weeks to go over the documentation and seek independent legal advice.

14. Welcome to the family. Your Documentation is signed, franchise fee is paid – congratulations you are now officially a Schnitz franchise partner!

Want more info? – Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions.

How long is the franchise agreement?

A Franchise Agreement for a new restaurant is an initial 5 year commitment with a further term of 5 years.

What will it cost to set up a Schnitz store?

The initial investment will typically range from $600,000 – $900,000 + gst however cost can vary depending on many factors such as location, size and condition of premises.
As part of the due diligence process, Schnitz will provide you with a copy of its Disclosure Document which sets out the range of costs usually encountered by a new franchisee when establishing a franchised business based on current practice.

How much is the upfront franchise fee?

The franchise fee is $50,000 + gst

What are the ongoing franchise fees?

The ongoing costs are a 7% royalty and 3% marketing
fee which are paid on a weekly basis.

Should I talk to other franchise partners?

As part of the recruitment process we encourage you to contact other franchise
partners to discuss their experience with owning a Schnitz restaurant.

How much can I borrow from the bank?

Typically, the banks lend 50% of the purchase price in the form of a
business loan. We recommend that you commence discussions with your
bank as soon as possible to understand your lending capacity and whether
investing in a franchise with Schnitz is a viable option for you.

How long will my training go for?

There is a standard 5 week training schedule plus 2 weeks restaurant
training after opening that all franchisees must undergo however some
circumstances may require further training.

Can I have more than one store?

We encourage our franchise partners to strive to be multi-site operators
however this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to work in the store?

Yes, we believe it is important for all of our franchisees to have a hands-on approach
with their restaurant and understand every aspect of the store’s operations.

What is the process for selecting a site?

Potential sites must be approved by both you and our property team, who offer expertise and guidance. Once approved, they also work hard to negotiate the most favourable lease terms possible for Schnitz.

What ongoing support will I receive?

All franchise partners receive ongoing support from Schnitz HQ
including visits and mentoring from their Business Coach.

What do I need to become a franchisee?

Understand the financial benchmarks and model of the business.

Be in a financial position to support and grow a business.

Have the ability to adhere to and maintain a high standard system.

Understand that you are part of the Schnitz community and be a brand ambassador.

Have a vision of yourself and your business.

Be passionate about the Schnitz brand, your team and your business.

The ability to operate a profitable business (business profitably), drive a high standard of customer service and high quality food and build a high performance team.

How much money will I make as a Schnitz franchise restaurant owner?

This depends on factors including the store’s location and how the
franchise partner operates the business. Franchisees should prepare their own
financial projections after seeking independent accounting advice.

Do I need prior experience in the food industry?

No, experience in the food industry is not a requirement
to becoming a Schnitz Franchise Partner

Do I need citizenship or residency?

Yes, you will need to hold either permanent Australian Residency
or be an Australian Citizen to become a Schnitz Franchise Partner.

Own a Schnitz Restaurant

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