For the love of Schnitzel…

Australians like a schnitzel, but Australians LOVE a Schnitz schnitzel. Fresh, hearty, wholesome and made using quality ingredients. Everywhere we go it’s the same. One bite is all it takes. 

We’re looking for franchise partners who are as excited as our guests and as obsessed as we are – not just in making the perfect schnitzel, but in giving every person the warm feeling of a home cooked meal. 

Find yourself nodding along? Then owning a Schnitz is right for you. Help us spread the joy of schnitzel across the country one delicious, hand made meal at a time.

We’ve got your back

Starting and running a restaurant isn’t easy – but we’ve been in your shoes ourselves, so we know the kind of support you need to be successful. We’ll be with you every step of the way to assist with hiring, marketing and anything else you need.

We’re on your side and we want to help. That’s what family is for.

People Support

The better our people, the better our schnitzel. We’ll help you find and gather the best team around you to create your own restaurant family, and provide ongoing support whenever you need it.

Training Support

We have a full training program that will prepare you for not just making the best schnitzels, but running the best schnitzel restaurant.

We’ll be out there with you for your first few weeks to help you get up and running. But even once your established, you’re never on your own – you’ll have a business coach to assist, support and help you every step of the way.

Operational Support

From rostering to POS systems, we have a helpful bunch we call our operations team to assist in all of the nitty gritty when it comes to running your restaurant.

Restaurant Design

Because we can’t all be architects or interior designers. We have a talented restaurant design team who will take you through all the finer details when it comes to nailing the look and feel of your restaurant.

Research and Development

Experimenting with new flavours and products helps keep us on top of our schnitzel game. We love nothing more than to hear ideas from our franchise partners, which is why we have an advisory council to make sure none of your creations are missed.

Marketing Support

No one can enjoy your delicious, handmade food if they don’t know about it. So we work hard to make sure everyone knows about the joy of traditional, pan cooked schnitzel and offer extensive marketing support on both a national and local level.

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