Mix passion with persistence and stir in some careful attention to the little things – this is our recipe for Schnitz success, and the key ingredients we look for in the ideal franchise partner.

Plus a deep adoration for the seasoned beer battered chips and irresistible, crunchy schnitzels go a long way.

If this feels like you, that’s a great sign! Keep scrolling to find out more about how to become one.

Our Application Process

Adore Schnitz food?
Tick ✓
Passion, persistence, attention to detail?
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Peak levels of awesome?
Big tick ✓✓✓

Now register your interest by completing the form on the Enquire Now page. Easy!

Once registered, the team will look over your application to understand compatibility with the Schnitz family. In the coming days, expect to hear from us with more questions, to chat further about the potential partnership, or simply take it to the next step like the ones below.

Enquire Now


Now it’s time to meet properly and learn about each other. It’s a good opportunity for you to get to know Schnitz and how we do things. It’s also a good time to ask any questions you’ve been wanting to. What type of operational support do you offer? How do you choose new locations? Can I please have one? But seriously, can I please have one? The more you understand us, the more successful you’ll be down the road.


Next you’ll have the chance to meet other franchise partners. This is a great way to get a feel for what owning a Schnitz restaurant is truly like – what your days will be, the kinds of people you’ll work with and perhaps some time-tested advice. Like, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. While you’re doing this discovery homework, we’ll be doing some reference checks and wrapping up your application.


We’re now at the final stage of the application process, which is really the first stage of our Schnitz partnership. It looks like this.

You’ll meet with our Senior Leadership Team to discuss potential locations and business plans. You’ll also roll up your sleeves at one of our restaurants to get the real feeling for the quality, love and care we bring to our food, our teams and our guests – the entire Schnitz family. Take inspiration from what you see, because soon it may look just like your own.

Once training is complete, we’ll issue final documentation for you to examine with independent legal advice. Read it, love it, commit to it, celebrate it, because when you return it you’re officially one of us. Welcome to the Schnitz family!

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