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Our founder, Roman ‘Papa Schnitz’ Dyduk, wouldn’t have it any other way. He perfected the art of the schnitzel in his family kitchen and eagerly cooked for anyone who walked through the door.

When he came to Australia he wanted to do the same, so he set up schnitzel shop in Melbourne and instantly made everyone feel at home. Some years later, his sons Andrew and Tom joined him on the steel pans and together they built the Schnitz you see today.

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, you’ll be happily embraced and welcomed to our table for a warm, hearty, home-cooked meal at Schnitz. Everyone is part of the family, from our talented chefs to our passionate staff, and especially our guests.

When you walk through a Schnitz door, or have it delivered to your front door, you’ll feel that sense of family and home.

So pull up a chair.

We hope you’re hungry.

Our history

2,400,000 BC

Cavemen invent the hammer. Flattened, golden schnitzel is only a matter of time.


In Poland, young Roman Dyduk’s Mama teaches him the art of the schnitzel: fresh ingredients, crumbed with love and pan cooked to a delicious golden brown.


Roman arrives in Australia with his family’s recipe, his beloved steel pan and a dream to bring schnitzel to the country. He finds a land of fresh ingredients and hungry people.


Roman opens up his first restaurant, hires a beautiful waitress and instantly falls in love. He proposes two weeks later, and soon becomes a proud Papa.


Roman’s sons Andrew and Tom are obsessed with his crispy, handmade golden schnitzel. They start calling him ‘Papa Schnitz’.


Together, Roman and his sons open Schnitz to make that same delicious schnitzel for every Australian: fresh, local ingredients, lovingly crumbed and cooked to a delicious, crispy golden brown.


Our Schnitz family is bigger than ever before. We still make every schnitzel with crumbs, passion and fresh ingredients. So one by one, Australians are falling in love with Schnitz one hand made meal at a time.

“The perfect hand-made schnitzel is like the perfect sunset. It’s a golden combination of time, patience and chicken”.

Roman “Papa Schnitz” Dyduk

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